Lo and Behold

Reveries of the Connected World

In LO AND BEHOLD: REVERIES OF THE CONNECTED WORLD, the Oscar-nominated Werner Herzog chronicles the virtual world from its origins to its outermost reaches, exploring the digital landscape with the same curiosity and imagination he previously trained on earthly destinations as disparate as the Amazon, the Sahara, the South Pole and the Australian outback. 

"Herzog reaches parts of the web other filmmakers wouldn't think to poke at" ★★★★ Total Film

"Full of wonder, wisdom and wit." ★★★★ The Times
★★★★ - Time Out
"A masterful inquiry into technological evolution. Herzog's profound inquisitiveness  comes across as natural, sincere and infectious." - The Playlist
★★★★ - The Telegraph
"The virtual future may be now, but 'Lo and Behold,' with its stimulating volley of insights and ideas, always feels persisitently, defiantly human." - Variety
★★★★ - The List
"Incredibly moving and sobering. As is often the case with Herzog's films, it features colourful characters and a playfully cosmic spirit of awe." - Screen Daily
★★★★ - The Upcoming
"A rapidly entertaining ride. It will no doubt be a significant time capsule - or ominous document of warning - in the years to come" - The Film Stage
★★★★ - HeyUGuys
"Humanising in its portrayal of the internet's pioneers, victims, fringes and wonders. " - Buzzfeed
"A must see for anyone on social networks." - The Verge
"Quizzical and spry" - The Hollywood Reporter